Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, I haven't miraculously dropped 30 lbs. since embracing gluten-free, but I find my appetite significantly decreased. The Wheat Belly blog told me I wouldn't be driven by persistent hunger/cravings, and that is very true.

After a morning cup of coffee with half-n-half, I sometimes forget to eat until 12:30pm - 2:00pm. Not that skipping breakfast is ideal. I'm trying to correct those behaviors, but they happen.

Breakfast can get old. I can only tolerate Udi's bread when it's lathered with peanut butter and homemade jam, or open-faced with turkey, Havarti, and mayo. Otherwise, it's a very poor bread substitute. I do keep a loaf in the freezer at all times. I've finally remembered to buy Rice Chex. Surprisingly, they make me quite happy.

Eggs have been the default choice but those, too, can get tiresome. Omelets, scrambled, soft-boiled, over-medium... I try to mix it up.

Today is one of those "missed breakfast" days. I slept in and then dashed for my dentist appointment. Thinking Rice Chex, I remembered we're out of milk. Then I got a little bit creative with what I found in the frig.

I scrambled two eggs with a bit of half-n-half and goat cheese. And, I made a simple salad with Romaine and Newman's Oil and Vinegar salad dressing. Voilà. Very simple, very tasty, very French déjeuner.


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