Thursday, September 25, 2014

Clean Living


Still calories that count, and a no-no if your tracking on the glycemic index. But, in a less than perfect world these treats from Costco are a viable option in my GF journey.


I've been serious about cutting wheat from my diet from the get-go, and into very rigorous adherence since returning from Kiawah Island and Charleston. But, a girl still needs something sweet from time-to-time.


Can't say I love these (the chocolate is mediocre), but I'm glad they're in my pantry.


At home and cooking this week--Sunday (eggs and Geechie Boy grits), Monday (cucumber-honeydew melon salad), Tuesday (oven-roasted potatoes-asparagus-tomatoes-olives), Wednesday (GF pumpkin bread and beef tacos with green rice). So, tonight CA made a Tommy's run for polish sausages with crispy fries. Tossed the bun, and didn't even miss it. Brunch had been another beef taco (leftovers from last night), so nutritionally I might have failed today except I ate tons of crunchy celerey with almond butter late afternoon. Short-changed my leafy greens today, but most days I load up.







Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bread, My First GF

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Bread


Made this recipe from long-time fav her recipes long-time. Way before I even considered a gluten-free life.


The texture on mine is a much coarser crumb, but still mighty moist and flavor-filled. I did substitute on both the buckwheat flour and millet--almond flour and oat flour, because that's what I had on-hand. Otherwise, I stuck to Karina's recipe because I know how well-researched and tested each of her recipes is. I have great respect with her acquired knowledge and food sense.

I've had almost no bread throughtout the past 8-weeks, not really missing it which has been a shocker.

Truly, truly, truly, eliminating "wheat" changes your whole perspective on hunger and cravings. Thank you Dr. William Davis. Your Wheat Belly book and blog have revolutionized my life.

Now that my internist and I have ruled-out Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, heart disease, and Hypo-Throidism, I'm ready to research and refine my future food elimibations. Just taking away wheat has made a 25% (my estimation) improvement, which has already revolutionized my outlook. And, I expect that as my Leaky Gut heals over the six months estimated, I'll feel even better.


Monday, September 22, 2014



Yes, I'm continuing my wheatless (witless) journey, quite successfully and happily. A few adjustments and tastes along the way, but my dedication is unwavering. Feeling 25-30% better is remakable.

Through two road trips and last week's beach-city gourmand adventure. Grits are my friend. Geechie Boy, especially. Red meat, seafood, dark green leafy treats, and pickled beets, etc. Chocolate and cheese. I am w(h)ineless.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Yes, this is my breakfast today.


Because yesterday was a bad day. Gluten-free, but not fat-free. By a long-shot.




Started off well, stayed good. Nose-dive at dinner.


Dinner Menu:

Prime (read well-marbled with fat) rib steaks (from Peoria Meat Packing in Chicago)

Mirai sweet corn (buttered)

Mashed potatoes (w. butter)


Somehow dinner all-but kicked butt on the roast chicken, Havarti cheese (small amount), and pickled beets that comprised my first two meals of the day.


Repentance. Remorse. Tastes pretty good, served cold.




Thursday, September 4, 2014

This is Almost Easy



Ha! Eating GF is easy if you shop often and appropriately; have the time/take the time to cook at home.

Amazingly, there were many menus in Door County with clearly -marked GF options. Adaptations of regular items, etc.

At home, I just have to be on my toes. All the time. At least until it all become automatic.

Eating lunch with good friends at Eataly Chicago yesterday involved GF pasta. Just as chewey as the GF pasta I tried at home, but otherwise good. At home, we had a late dinner--angel hair pasta with marinara and sausage from Bari Foods on Grand Avenue. The sausage turned out to be Italian sausage meatballs with obvious bread crumbs, so I passed mine to CA. He declared them delicioso! Bari Food's Barese sausage is amazing, and similar Barese is available locally (for me) at Caputo's. That will be GF.

I did eat my marinara with the DeCecco angel hair pasta because it's made in Italy where wheat is wheat. No adverse effects, but I won't overuse this option. DeCecco is my all-time favorite pasta brand.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mexican Chopped Salad

We loved their t.v. Program, their restaurant in Santa Monica, and this 1999 cookbook. This is our Mexican Bible.


















Finding favorie recipes that work well for GF diet is an unfolding pleasure. I adapted this one, only, by subtracting the corn (just because I had none) and substituting almonds for pine nuts (didn't want to take time to toast the frozen pinenuts). The viniagrette zips the flavor up several notches--tangy and fresh. The cumin rocks.

Oh, we grilled two chicken breasts, cut into strips, but didn't add until salad was dressed and divvied-out.


Results: superb.