Thursday, September 4, 2014

This is Almost Easy



Ha! Eating GF is easy if you shop often and appropriately; have the time/take the time to cook at home.

Amazingly, there were many menus in Door County with clearly -marked GF options. Adaptations of regular items, etc.

At home, I just have to be on my toes. All the time. At least until it all become automatic.

Eating lunch with good friends at Eataly Chicago yesterday involved GF pasta. Just as chewey as the GF pasta I tried at home, but otherwise good. At home, we had a late dinner--angel hair pasta with marinara and sausage from Bari Foods on Grand Avenue. The sausage turned out to be Italian sausage meatballs with obvious bread crumbs, so I passed mine to CA. He declared them delicioso! Bari Food's Barese sausage is amazing, and similar Barese is available locally (for me) at Caputo's. That will be GF.

I did eat my marinara with the DeCecco angel hair pasta because it's made in Italy where wheat is wheat. No adverse effects, but I won't overuse this option. DeCecco is my all-time favorite pasta brand.


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