Thursday, August 21, 2014

GF Road Food

Madison, WI Farmers' Market


Busy morning, and we're traveling today. We've got a quantity of semi-prepared food in the frig that we do not want to leave behind--6 hard boiled eggs and three farmers' market tomatoes, to name a couple. Plus grocery items, staples and fresh food that does not fit into a GF lifestyle. JE's family will benefit...

After the gym I accomplish a produce(tive) market run, where I stumbe onto perfect baby Arugula, baby Spinach, lovely Avocados, clean and chrisp Cilantro, firm Red Grapes, beautiful Sweet Potatoes, etc. At home I rush around finishing packing while CA starts chopping the eggs (no time to make deviled eggs), and then I cut up tomatoes and finish making egg salad. We fill a large bag with 2 large servings of egg salad and two servings of lightly-salted cut tomatoes, add the Ziplock of freshly-washed grapes and top off the supplies with disposable eating utensils and napkins.

Yep. A car picnic.

CA has an 11:00am rehab (knee) appointment in Crystal Lake, and straight from there we get on the road toward Cincinnati for a Fun Kids weekend, and to celebrate my Satuday birthday.

All our provisions work out well, and we're stocked-up and ready to stay GF, one day at a time.


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