Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where to Begin, Part 2

At Aldi.


So, after almost giving up on finding a GF wrap, this was randomly at Aldi. Guess Aldi has a short-term commitment to this product line, depending on how they sell.


Wrapped a Trader Joe's hot dog and condiments in one. Not bad. Not great. Let's just say, I always finish a hot dog bun. There was wrap left when I'd devoured the hot dog, but I didn't eat the last bite or two of wrap. It works to hold the sandwich goodies, so that'll have to be good enough for now.


This works for toast, if you have oodles of good toppings on it. Too dry for a sandwich. Maybe try it grilled?


Results: Made a Pizza Margherite for lunch yesterday. Crust is not bad; baked-up crunchy. Browned well. Good taste. A little mealy on my tongue, but I'm a food snob.


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