Monday, August 4, 2014

Where to Begin, Part 1

I am not without resources as I begin this GF journey. I've had two superior gluten-free mentors on my radar for several years. I've loved their recipes and photos; I just didn't think I needed to be GF. I do not have Celiac disease.

I've known for many years that I am somewhat Lactose-Intolerant and I do not easily digest legumes. I thought I was managing those issues. Well now, being GF is imperative. I'm not following a currently trending food fad. My health requires I make dietary adjustments.

We've been using the Gluten-Free Goddess recipes for years. Love her Southwestern ones, especially. And, almost a year ago I bought Aran Goyoagan's Small Plates, Sweet Treats cookbook after enjoying her beautiful Cannelle et Vanille blog photography.

Today I am spending time educating myself about ingredients and figuring out how to eat safely and exuberantly.

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