Saturday, August 30, 2014

Down Memory Lane


Years ago on our visits to Door County (our last trip was @1990), we ate most of our meals at The Cookery, in Fish Creek. So pleased that it's still going strong with the next generation in charge still locally sourcing much of their food, and baking all their own breads and desserts. The Cookery is now 2-story, with an upstairs wine bar (limited menu), including a GF version. We scored almost immediate seating upstairs. (It's a rainy night, so outside was iffy, and a 45-minute wait for downstairs, inside.)

A Wisconsin favorite: Smoked Whitefish Spread.


I enjoyed Steak Frites (2 Saturday dinners in a row, in 2 different states than my own) while CA had Scallops in a Pinot Grigio and Butter Sauce, with Polenta on the side. For a starter we shared the Whitefish Spread with cucumber slices for moi, and toasted bread rounds for CA. Wisconsin knows how to grow flavorful meat. Good food. Great only-in-Wisconsin Whitefish Spread.

I was miffed to find it seriously rainy, rather than the earlier spitting, when we exited the restaurant. Miffed because I had both a light-weight slicker and an umbrella... In the car.

Didn't stop us from running between a few shops before heading to the car, with a sidestep into The Door County Chocolate and Fudge House. Hey, fudge is GF. Not carb-free or calorie-free, though. And, Dippy's just a few doors down has bottled water in a cooler. Yes.



Road food takes planning. This was a totally spontaneous roadtrip. We were on the highway 1-1/2 hours after waking up and deciding to go. I packed a small cooler with iced tea, Jill's garden Cocktail Tomatoes, a Banana, both GF and Club Crackers, Aged White Cheddar and peanutbutter. Just what I could quickly assemble.

After an hour+ of drive-time, we had breakfast at Panera. I ordered a Cafe Sandwich--tuna with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Just tossed the bread and ate the remainder with a fork. Very satisfying.

We had a bit of a late lunch in Egg Harbor at Galileo. CA had Pear-Gorgonzola Flatbread (pizza), while I managed GF with a Door County Salad (mixed greens, grilled chicken breast, candied pecans, dried cherries, a bit of a delicious (I think) aged goat cheese. All tarted up with a raspberry viniagrette dressing. Slow service, but adequately good food.








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