Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gluten Morgen

In the face of accumulating evidence and the last vestiges of denial, I will today begin a gluten-free lifestyle.

This will be a new journey. One I approach with trepidation. I love my carbs. Breads are so beloved. Pasta is almost my favorite meal. I'm a baker of repute. I have a sweet tooth that requires high-quality ice cream and baked goods--mostly baked by me. I have an annoyingly sensitive palate. I can taste fats, and determine their quality. I easily differentiate between excellent and mediocre chocolate. I am a thoughtful shopper; willingly driving further, paying more for the best ingredients.

I fear eliminating gluten is going to radically change my culinary and gourmand life, and not for the better.

However, my quality of life has been on a downhill trajectory for some time. I believe I have an autoimmune disorder; a leaky gut. The reason I'm still in the guessing stage is that my current internist has been very off-putting in exploring my myriad of symptoms. And, I've had a major health insurance change in the near offing.

My new insurance is in place, as of August 1st, and I'm ready to find a new doctor. I just need to get through my current cataract surgeries (July 29 and August 19) before delving into the teeming pile of lousy symptoms and ailments I've accumulated in recent years.

It's a new day.


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